Server management

We provide services in the area of server management under both Linux and Windows operating systems. And in both instances, we provide a wide variety of services.

Windows server management


Windows server management

Intranet management

Set-up, maintenance, security.

MS SQL databases,

as well as accounting database systems that use these databases.

Data security

Your data will be stored on an external data drive at regular intervals, or it can be backed up in the cloud.

Remote desktop protocol

Our technicians can connect to Your devices remotely through the internet and help you solve Your problem.

MS Office management

We can help You with any technical issues – online or offline.

Other server solutions

We have a flexible approach to Your requests, and we are happy to help with any technical problem You may encounter. We always find the right solution for Your project.


Linux server management

Application containers based on virtualization VZ, proxmox, Xen, VMware.

Database servers

We design, create, and maintain database servers tailored to Your needs.

Backup and data servers

Our servers are a safe haven for Your data, where it is backed up safely and the risk of data loss is minimized.

Backup and data solutions based on the cloud

An alternative to physical backup servers – Your data is stored in the virtual cloud.


Domain name system – services for clients who have their own domain and need to redirect it to specific servers or webpages.


We provide space for Your webpage or email service – with full technical support.

Virtualization of the Windows environment

We can create a virtual device with your defined system – You can connect to Your “computer” with any applications You specify from any place – via the internet.

Client servers.

The purpose of these is to lighten the load of intranet management – you do not need a specific computer, because You can connect to it from anywhere – after submitting your credentials. This way You have instant access to all your applications and data.
Linux server management

We provide IT solutions that simplify the infrastructure of Your information technologies and lower Your operating costs.

We will reduce costs
associated with information technology management.
We will reduce risks
associated with the acquisition of information technology.
Access to experts,
IT professionals and the latest technologies.
Improve IT security
of your systems and technological infrastructure in your company.
Focus on core business
while we have responsibility for IT supervision and control.
Increase employee morale
as a result of the transfer of responsibilities for IT to us.


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