Software services

We specialize in software installation, support, and maintenance of Your IT with the focus on security and reliability.

Server management

We provide services in the area of server management under both Linux and Windows operating systems. And in both instances, we provide a wide variety of services.

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Network infrastructure management

switches / routers, firewalls, balancers, backup

Management of customer solutions

databases, web servers, mail servers

Operating systems management

Windows and Linux

Backup systems

backup, control, data recovery
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Intranet management

We provide complex services from design, through configuration all the way to implementation of Your intranet. We make sure Your data and Your communication are safe and secure.
Thanks to our partners we can provide a faster and more reliable internet connection, or provide IP telephones for local, internal or external calls. Every solution is tailored specifically to the needs of the client.
Intranet management
IT security

IT security

We provide software and hardware protection for Your IT. Our clients are protected from internal and external threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

we will protect your information technology

Firewall configuration

IDS, IPS, rules configuration, regular maintenance, updates, and upgrades.

Penetration tests

The purpose of these tests is to find weaknesses, which are then immediately solved.

Tracking network activity

Helps to increase the efficiency of the employees as well as detecting potentially harmful behavior.

Data protection

Protecting data and creating regular backups of important files.

Virus protection

Installing and updating the most advanced anti-virus systems and their maintenance, as well as recovery of infected devices.
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We provide IT solutions that simplify the infrastructure of Your information technologies and lower Your operating costs.

We will reduce costs
associated with information technology management.
We will reduce risks
associated with the acquisition of information technology.
Access to experts,
IT professionals and the latest technologies.
Improve IT security
of your systems and technological infrastructure in your company.
Focus on core business
while we have responsibility for IT supervision and control.
Increase employee morale
as a result of the transfer of responsibilities for IT to us.


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